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Introducing HealthPointe Solutions

HealthPointe’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of consumers, through modernizing practitioner and consumer interactions with the power of true Cognitive Artificial Intelligence. HPS’ Cognitive AI is the next generation of AI, a technology developed over 35 years at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars. The HPS Health Cloud leverages a comprehensive medical and wellness knowledge base, which support shared decisions, to solve healthcare’s most difficult challenges.

HealthPointe Solutions News

HPS Collaborate™

HealthPointe Solutions provides out of the box, ready to use Cognitive AI powered solutions through our library of Cognitive Agents. All of our solutions can be deployed to work independently or can work together to evolve with your business into an interoperable AI powered success story.

HPS Collaborate™ is able to understand your data both clinically and at the transaction level; comprehending the complex relationships within your data and the significance within clinical and administrative pathways. This provides each user with insights and conclusions beyond algorithmic data processing techniques; truly going from information, to knowledge, to shared decisions, to value.

HealthPointe Acuity™

Analytics Solution

Cognitive Intelligence that powers understanding across a wide variety of health and wellness analytics and value based outcomes.

HealthPointe Percept™

Clinical Care

Support the long term partnership between consumers and care teams to improve health and well-being over time.

HealthPointe Clarity™

Intelligent Dashboards

Turn knowledge into real-time action that is dynamic, automated and integrated into workflow and performance management.

HealthPointe EVA™

E-Health Virtual Assistant

E-Health Virtual Assistant provides consumers improved health and well-being through a connected, digital health experience.

Power Your Systems With HPS

Leverage HealthPointe’s library of Cognitive Agents and Knowledge Base to work with the systems that you have in place today. Powered by Cognitive Artificial Intelligence, HPS solutions are able to generate knowledge and insights that align with your strategic objectives; while remaining flexible in today’s ever changing healthcare landscape.

HPS experts will work with you to explore which solutions are right for you; we will be there, in partnership, to ensure your ongoing success.