Cognitive Artificial Intelligence

The Future Is Already Here

HPS Cognitive Artificial Intelligence

HPS’ Cognitive Intelligence is the next step in the evolution of Artificial Intelligence. Modeled on human thought processes, Cognitive Intelligence has the ability to solve problems traditional AI systems cannot, by learning and reasoning simultaneously.

    • Focus on the prorities of each consumer or user.
    • User experience is now defined where consumers interact; mobile through cognitive agents. Experience is a core part of our connected life.
    • Goal setting, education and quality improvements achieved through personalization, relevance, and precision medicine.
    • Autonomous learning guides interactions to leverage knowledge of many Health Experts in real time.

HPS’ Cognitive Intelligence goes beyond seeing what data or patterns you have and unlocks the knowledge inside so you can understand and use it to guide actions and shared decisions.

Why Cognitive AI Is So Different


Human Like Reasoning

Ability to solve problems in complex environments.  Uncertain, ambiguous, contradictory information doesn’t cause the system to “freeze up,” but rather leads to alternative plausible answers, each with its own pro and con arguments.


Transparent Logic Trail

Communicate a clear step-by-step argument with every conclusion supported by detailed evidence, making each one explainable.  This builds trust by enabling the user to understand each answer and where it came from, with the ability to adjust the knowledge base, if necessary.

Self Learning

Ever-growing integrated knowledge base which scales IP across the enterprise. Each agent and interaction learns from the last; this cumulative understanding of your business leads to economies of scale and efficiencies in your most critical assets, your processes.

How Can Cognitive AI Help You?

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