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Use Case – Compliance Financial Services

Challenge Top financial institution is faced with increasing costs and resource needs to comply with increasing regulatory requirements Complex nature of organization creates challenges for transparent monitoring and enforcement Steady increase of human capital-intensive compliance costs Environment of record penalties and market cap destructive and career-ending reputation impact – The world’s top 20 banks have…

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Use Case – Clinical Research

Challenge Clinical researchers at the world’s leading cardiothoracic medical center draw on decades of longitudinal patient records to test their hypotheses and identify and examine cohort populations before embarking on long, costly clinical trials Each query typically requires reasoning that combines information that came from many independently-built databases, from multiple departments, multiple mergers and acquisitions,…

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AI News – How Smart Is Today’s Artificial Intelligence – Vox

How smart is today’s artificial intelligence? Today’s AI is super impressive, but it’s not intelligent. By Joss Dec 19, 2017, 9:40am EST This is the final episode in a six-part video series about the future of work. See the rest of the series at The field of artificial intelligence is historically known…

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