HPS Collaborate™

The Future Is Now

HPS Model for Health Improvement

At the foundation of HPS Collaborate™ is the ease of deployment and its ability to customize to your organizational needs.  Our platform can be integrated into existing systems, augmenting, rather than disrupting your current workflow. Overtime the HPS Collaborate™ solution will become more personalized to each user’s preferences; providing your organization an environment that rewards continuous learning and knowledge sharing.


Secure Messaging

Cognitive Analytics

Continuous Learning

Edge Computing

AI Powered Data Bridging

Explainable Outcomes

HPS Acuity™

Cognitive Intelligence

Get it right the first time, confirm that each treatment plan and supporting documentation aligns with your strategic objectives. Acuity™, HealthPointe Cognitive Intelligence, enables improved quality care, and administrative automation in today’s value based world.  Improving your organizational benchmarks by delivering comprehensive quality care one patient at a time.

  • Rapid identification of high cost/risk members across the spectrum of care.
  • Ontology based advanced morbidity and suspecting for risk adjustment and prospective quality management.
  • Treatment variance analytics for quality improvement, care coordination and referral management.
  • Tactical alignment revenue cycle opportunities for efficient administration.

Value Based Care

Quality Management

Revenue Cycle Management

Clinical Analytics

Treatment Variances

Risk Adjustment

HPS Percept™

Clinical Care Coordination

Support the long term partnership between consumers and care teams to improve health and well-being over time. Percept™, HealthPointe’s Clinical Care, plans and manages an individual’s health and well-being durationally; delivering appropriate interventions, directions and support at each step along the plan of care. Deliver a customized experience to your members, that is truly personal, engaging, and relevant.

  • Integrate the workflow of care teams and consumers through clinical data integration and cognitive intelligence.
  • Simplify administrative burden through intelligent routing and coordination of care team directives.
  • Recommend and alerts across care gaps, treatment notifications, and medication management.

Quality Improvement

Care Coordination

Care Transition

Self Care Management

Evidence-Base Benchmarking

Consumer Engagement

HPS Clarity™

Intelligent Dashboards

Turn knowledge into real-time action that is dynamic, automated and integrated.  Clarity™, HealthPointe’s Intelligent Dashboard, monitors and automates overall program and practitioner performance, and return on investment.  Go beyond traditional reporting to an integrated value-based dashboard solution.

  • Cognitive AI based performance insights and action queues route registry management into your workflows.
  • Active monitoring of critical success factors for risk bearing entities and performance-based contracts.

Registry Management

Dynamic Querying

Intelligent Dashboards

Interactive Recommendations

Integrated Workflows

Progressive Application


Consumer Digital and Population Health

E-Health Virtual Assistant (HPS EVA™) provides consumers improved health and well-being through a connected, digital health experience that is personalized, relevant, and engaging. Identify the “right” interventions using Cognitive Intelligence.  Gain insights to health improvement plans and device monitoring, and access to services and products to improve your health where you live. HPS EVA™ is your personal Cognitive Advocate that is both useful and usable in a way that is natural, intuitive, and easy. Welcome to a new consumer healthcare experience, one that is all about you.

  • Care Plan Assistant
  • Device Doctor
  • Treatment Advisor
  • Health IQ

Device Integration

Health Knowledge

Coaching Programs

Holistic Profile

Health Store

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